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At Rotary International School, we take pride in providing an exceptional early learning experience that sets the foundation for a lifetime of success. As the best international nursery in Nugegoda, we are committed to nurturing your child’s growth, creativity, and curiosity. When it comes to choosing a best international nursery for your child, we stand out as the premier choice. We have earned this distinction through years of dedication and a steadfast commitment to your child’s development.

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A Garden of Growing Dreams

Nestled within the heart of Nugegoda, our nursery is a vibrant tapestry of budding imaginations, a place where the seeds of curiosity are sown and the flowers of creativity bloom. Step into our enchanted world, where childhood is a masterpiece in the making.

Why Choose Rotary Nursery?

Giving a head start to your child before schooling is very critical with the modern education system. Our Nursery is specially accustomed to the current preschool syllabus with modernized teaching methods and child care. Our Nursery follows the AMI method and preschool curriculum giving the child a balanced education with books and activities.

Montessori Excellence

Our nursery follows the Montessori method, renowned worldwide for its child-centric approach to education. Our certified Montessori educators create an environment that fosters independence, critical thinking, and a love for learning.

British Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive British curriculum designed to prepare your child for future educational challenges. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of young learners, ensuring they develop the skills necessary for a seamless transition to primary school.

Pre-School Excellence

Our nursery is not just any pre-school; it’s a place where young minds thrive. We provide a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment where children can explore, socialize, and develop crucial social and emotional skills.

Kindergarten Preparation

Our kindergarten program is designed to ensure a smooth transition to higher levels of education. We focus on developing early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as promoting creativity and problem-solving.

AMI Method

Alongside the Montessori method, we incorporate elements of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) approach to ensure that your child receives the highest quality education. This approach emphasizes respect for each child’s individuality and natural development.

Empowering young minds daily

Rotary International nursery boasts state-of-the-art facilities designed to inspire young learners. From spacious classrooms to dedicated outdoor play areas, we prioritize safety, comfort, and engagement. We also provide daycare facilities.

Our passionate and experienced educators are dedicated to nurturing your child’s potential. They undergo continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies.

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Discover the Best Nursery in Nugegoda: Where Little Stars Shine Bright

Choosing the best nursery for your child is an investment in their future. Join us on this extraordinary educational journey, and together, we’ll pave the way for your child’s bright and promising future. Schedule a visit today to experience firsthand why we are the best nursery in Nugegoda.

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