Prefect Induction 2022

The 2-day Camp is regarded as one of the most overlooked, highly professional, memorable event for grooming our budding Prefects into great leaders one day. This Camp is a huge stepping stone for all the participants to mold their talents, skills, self confidence and uplift their potential. Many respected signatories was invited to our Camp which included Sri Lanka Army, Red Cross First Aid Society, Motivational Speakers and many more. It was a very thrilling and a competitive event for our students as they had many uphill tasks and challenges to overcome as a team. The Camp consisted for many team games, fire camp, speeches, cooking, overnight stay and many more. Finally it should be mentioned that it was a very challenging task for the organizing committee and the School to pull off such a huge event during this Covid pandemic. So hats off to our panel of judges and the working committee for producing such a great experience for everyone. Last but not least, this event would not have been a success without the help of our parents. Thank you to everyone!!!